For many people, planning 30 years in advance may seem like an impossibility – for a financial advisor, this is just another day in the office. When it comes time to take an objective look at your financial situation, evaluate your goals and analyze your potential, it is helpful to have the advice and guidance of a professional. When you need to separate the complexities of multiple asset classes, reposition your tax structure or evaluate your investment criteria, a financial advisor can take the bumps out of the process for you.

What can a financial advisor do for you?

A good financial advisor is your partner, not your agent. When your statements come in, your advisor will review it for you. Your advisor will seek to protect and grow your wealth and provide you with strategies, opportunities or make you aware of threats. You can imagine your advisor as the CFO for your personal company – they are there to ensure you avoid costly mistakes and amplify your wealth in the long run. Investing takes patience and careful planning to be successful you’re your financial advisor serves as your personal patience and planning department.

What does this look like for you?

A financial advisor adds value for you in a number of ways:

Reduced Stress.

Your financial advisor takes the stress off your shoulders of managing complex finances and projecting your future decades in advance. They are professionals that align your goals and use years of education to manage your wealth. No more worrying about tracking your investments or reviewing your portfolio strategy monthly – your financial advisor is doing that for you. Simplicity is blissful, and your financial advisor eliminates the complexity of your most sensitive area: your finances.

Having a partner to work and grow with.

Setting and sticking to goals is easier when you have a partner. Similarly to how sticking to a new years resolution of losing weight is better when you can be held accountable by a partner, managing your finances is easier when you have a dedicated partner to guide and advise you.

Dedicated, personal advice.

The complexities of the finance world, with its Alphas, Betas and risk weighting and return ratios are not a part of your everyday life. Your advisor is a dedicated expert and has studied and been mentored on these topics for years. You may be able to read as much as you want online and formulate your own strategies, but at the end of the day consulting with an expert can only eliminate risk on your behalf.

Food for thought

Your advisor isn’t done with just managing your finances. There are other areas that they can help with as well. Navigating life insurance plans or finding an estate-planning attorney are just some examples of the benefits of investing in a financial advisor.

Thanks for reading!

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  • Brad Blair, CFP, CIM, FCSI, CHS.