Author: Brad Blair

Why should you Invest in a Financial Advisor?

For many people, planning 30 years in advance may seem like an impossibility – for a financial advisor, this is just another day in the office. When it comes time to take an objective look at your financial situation, evaluate your goals and analyze your potential, it is helpful to have the advice and guidance of a professional. When you need to separate the complexities of multiple asset classes, reposition your tax structure or evaluate your investment criteria, a financial advisor can take the bumps out of the process for you. What can a financial advisor do for you?...

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Our First Post: About The Financial Edge

Welcome to The Financial Edge! Glad you’re here – let’s talk about Canadian financial services. Hello! I’m Brad Blair and I’m in the business of protecting and growing your wealth. I’m a wealth management specialist and I’ve been working in the Canadian financial services industry, specifically in the Vancouver and the British Columbia Lower Mainland region since 1998. Over the years, I have come to develop a deep understanding of Canadian financial services. The finance world can be intimidating to many people with it’s jargon and complexity. I want to eliminate this intimidation, and share with everyone the basics...

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