Author: Brad Blair

The best free family activities in Vancouver this summer

The 6 best free family activities in Vancouver this summer It’s almost summertime in Vancouver, and that means it’s time to put all of that winter energy that we’ve been saving up to use. Vancouver is an expensive city, but that doesn’t mean that your summer has to be. I’ve put together a list of free things to do with your family in Vancouver this summer that will help you get the most of the sun and your budget. Here is your list of free activities for your family this summer.   Swim at Lynn Canyon Lynn Canyon is...

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Missed the 2016 RRSP Contribution Deadline? Here’s what you need to know

Missed the RRSP Deadline? Here is what you need to do If you’ve missed the 2016 RRSP contribution deadline, you’re not alone. Every year thousands of Canadians miss the contribution deadline, but that doesn’t mean they are left without options. Unless you are thinking about your savings on a regular basis, or have a financial advisor driving you to make your contributions, it is completely understandable to miss the deadline. Unfortunately, if you missed the deadline this year, you will have missed out on contributing to that year of RRSP savings altogether. Here is what you can do to...

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Millennial Money: 3 Savings Strategies for Millennials

Millennial Money: 3 Saving strategies for millennials Millennial money is a term we are starting to see thrown around in finance these days, and for good reason. As a career-focused millennial, chances are that you consider your retirement and career trajectory differently than your parents did. Independence and pursuing your ambitions is more important to you than working your way through the same firm for 40 years. Youth is valuable and focusing on saving the good times for retirement may not align with your current ambitions. There is nothing wrong with that. We now live in a time where...

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5 Best Apps for Saving Money In Canada

The 5 Best Apps for Saving Money in Canada! As we are seeing the cost of living rapidly rising across Canada, saving money is becoming more and more important for everyone. The first step to saving money, however, is making a budget and sticking to it. It becomes much easier to save money once you start keeping track of your budget. The first step to saving money is figuring out how much you spend. Monitoring what you spend your money on goes a long way in making a budget and saving your dollars down the road. Once you start...

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2017 RRSP Contribution Deadline

2017 RRSP Contribution Deadline The annual contribution deadline for RRSPs has just recently passed on March 1, 2017. To be eligible for a tax deduction in the previous year, your RRSP contribution must be paid prior to end of the first 60 days of the current year – which, for this year, was March 1, 2017. If you didn’t take advantage of this tax deduction, now is a great time to get caught up on the benefits of contributing to your RRSPs on an annual basis. Refresher – What is an RRSP? A RRSP, or a registered retirement savings...

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