Author: Brad Blair

The Hidden Mistakes of Investing – What you need to be aware of Part 1

Let me start by saying that Investing is not easy by any means. But the choices you are making and the reasons behind them, may be causing you to make the biggest mistakes in your investment decisions. As a professional my job is of course to do the obvious things a Financial Planner would do for their client. At the same time I spend a lot of time decoding what is going through my clients head to ensure their decisions and motivations are in their best interest. Unfortunately for an investor left to their own means, it is very...

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Your Emergency Fund: Prepare for the unexpected

Your Emergency Fund: Are you financially prepared for the unexpected? The emergency fund is often overlooked but it can be the difference between comfort and crisis for your family. Consider this situation: Let’s say that you own a business and a key supplier dramatically raises their fees. In order to keep your business operating smoothly, you may have to direct funds away from your salary to maintain the business at its current level. As you start to pull away dollars from your salary, you may find yourself less and less able to cover mortgage costs. The question then becomes...

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Is a Spousal RRSP right for you?

Spousal RRSP – What you need to know The Spousal RRSP is a retirement savings vehicle available to Canadians that helps to smooth out income tax within couples that earn at different rates. The key benefits of an RRSP is the deferral of tax payments until the RRSP holder is at a lower tax rate. For couples looking to maximize savings and optimize tax loads, spousal RRSPs are a great option to blend income. Regular RRSPs work well for individuals, but how does it work in practice when spouses earn different amounts? When one partner in the couple is...

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Missed the 2016 tax deadline? Here’s what you need to do

What to do if you missed the 2016 CRA tax deadline For Canadians, the 2016 tax deadline passed on earlier this month on May 1st. If you missed the deadline you may be subject to penalties or interest fees if you have money owing. If you missed the tax deadline, you will also likely delay the return of your tax refund as well. You’ll also have missed your chance to write off your 2016 RRSP contributions. Obviously, these aren’t good. But they also aren’t necessarily bad. Here is what you can do if you missed the 2016 tax deadline....

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The Personal Pension Plan: What they mean for Canadian business owners

Personal pension plans: What they mean for Canadian business owners The personal pension plan is an amazing opportunity for Canadian entrepreneurs to plan for retirment. As I’ve touched on in past articles, small business owners are starting to make up more and more of our economy. In Vancouver and the lower mainland this is especially true – in British Columbia, small businesses contribute to 33% of the province’s GDP, more than any other province in Canada. We are seeing many more entrepreneurs entering the economy and succeeding. While this is great news for our province and its people, it...

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