Author: Brad Blair

Mortgage Insurance – What you don’t know!

For most of us a mortgage is a very common theme in our lives and if you are one of those few that are mortgage free congratulations. It is also common practice for most people with a mortgage to have taken some sort of steps to insure the mortgage is paid of in case of death. Many of which are using the banks traditional mortgage insurance plan offered at time of home purchase or mortgage renewal. What most people aren’t aware of is how this coverage works and the risks associated with it. Lets start by looking at how...

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Investing Mistakes – The Home Country Bias

Yes I’m Canadian and I love my Country. The diversity at every level is what makes this place so incredible. If you talk to most people that live here they would probably tell you they would never live anywhere else. When it comes to investing though, this also seems to be a very common theme known as a home bias. Home Bias is an investors’ natural tendency to be most attracted to investments in domestic markets. Investors tend to focus more on their home markets and the companies that do business within these markets because they are familiar with...

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Is Your Family Properly Protected?

There is a very simple and cost-effective way to help protect your family financially from the death of a parent, or even the possibility of both. Now I know what many of you are going to say, “Here goes another sales pitch to buy life insurance”. This is not what this article is about, but if you have children you have a responsibility to consider what I’m about to say. For those with life insurance through work or other don’t think this article isn’t important to you, chances are you are under-insured. First of all I’m a Certified Financial...

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Is your House a bank Machine?

Long gone are the days that Canadians are know for their conservative ways, low debt levels, and high rates of savings. This is part generational, but more so due to the changes to a relaxed lending system in Canada. These changes are allowing Canadians to borrow more and treat the equity in their home like a bank machine to purchase anything they see fit. Take a look at this parody before you read any further. I know at the end of the video it takes a bit of a twist and ties in future debts issues of the US...

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